awards2Every year the November 18th is celebrated as the “National Day of Export, the day of the manifestation of the export vision, the day of the blossoming of the national economy, the day of promulgation of exporting as a principle, the day of the nation’s drive for export, the day of appreciating the lofty position of the exporters, the day to select the outstanding figures involved in international trade in the Islamic republic of Iran and the day to introduce those who tried harder to propel the wheels of Iranian economy.

Now, on the threshold of the third economic, social and cultural plan of the Islamic republic of Iran that has drawn the “export leap approach” to promote the country’s non-oil exports, your company has been selected as Exemplary exporter of the year 1999.

It is hoped that the country’s manufacturers and exporters make their best for the realization of the goals of the plan. Given this selection was made on the strength of the bylaw relating to “Encouragement of Distinguished Exporters”, you are entitled to the entire privileges endorsed in the Bill No. H20077 T/40968 dated October 18, 1998 passed by the board of Ministers.

Mohammad Khatami
President of the I.R. Iran
awards1Dear Messer Shafee Trading Co,

Today’s achievement which have been realized thanks to the endeavors of those who are active in the economic arena of the country are strong foundations for further growth and expansion of non-oil exports which invaluable effects on promotion of our people’s spiritual and material living conditions. I congratulate your company on your having been selected as the country’s Exemplary Exporter in Year 2005 and hope that, through intelligent interaction with the complex world economy and preserving our national interests, you will take more effective steps towards serving our beloved Iran and making our next generations honored.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President of Islamic republic of Iran