Shafee Company is a leader and one of the largest exporters in Iran that grows, packs, and exports fresh fruit with particular competency in Iranian pomegranate.
SHAFEE company was founded in 1986 by G.H. Shafei, the ex-Chief Executive of Iran Chamber of Commerce, the present Head of Mashhad Chamber of Commerce, and a member of Iran Agriculture Union. Our company has a sorting, washing, and packing capacity of 6000 tons of fruit and our SHAFEE brand pomegranates are exported to major retailers in South Korea, Russia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Dubai, and Europe Union. Shafee is strongly competitive due to its direct connection to the field and its product expertise. At Shafee, we are committed to delivering high quality fresh fruits at the most competitive prices with the highest customer satisfaction rates.

“ Our clients are our first priorities and deserve the best care.”


Pomegranate Properties

  • Anti inflamatory effects
  • Protect agianst breast cancer and prostate cancer
  • Detosify blood and lower blood pressure
  • Fight against arthritis and joint pain
  • Lower tisk of heart disease
  • Fight against bacterial and fungul infections
  • Improve memory
  • help weight loss

How To Select

Select pomgranates that are plump, round, and heavy for their size.

How To Store

Whole pomegranates can be stored in a cool dry area for about 1 month or up to 2 months in the refrigerator.

Nutrition Benefits

Low in fat, saturated fat free, cholestrol free, sodium free, an excellence source of fiber, vitamin C and K, and a good source of potassium, folate, and copper.

Season Availability

October, November, December

Packing Carton

Shafee’s pomegranates are packed in six sizes as below which per carton has 5 kgs net weight. In each carton we have 8 or 10 pomegranates, 12 or 15, or 18 and 22 pomegranates with excellent quality.

Size(in a tray) 8 10 12 15 18 22
Average weight (in grams) 625 500 416 333 277 227




Cartons can be either two pieces boxes or die cut. Good quality pomegranates keep at a temperature of 3- 4. Pomegranates may also moisture if they are stored in area with low humidity, Maintain a humidity level of 85% and ship by refrigerator containers.
How do we stuff pallets of 1×40 FT. container with our boxes

1760+1320=3080 Box

Total net weight => 3080 x 5 = 15400 Kg